Brill: Baking Up A New Brand Identity

The Ask: CSM Bakery Solutions needed to rebrand their North American division to a previous brand, Brill. They also needed a creative way to introduce this name change to their employees. Along with a refreshed logo, visual identity system and marketing collateral, we created event signage and materials to announce the brand change internally. These internal materials included a branded notebook and a speaker that was embossed with the new logo. CSM Bakery Solutions also needed a video announcing the rebranding of their North American division to a previous brand, Brill. Leadership within the organization spoke of the excitement, vision, and ambitions they had surrounding the rebranding.
Behind the Logo: The Brill logo tells the brand story with two elements: the baker’s hat and the logotype. The baker’s hat is a common baking symbol and reflects their value of innovative, creative and inspiring bakery ingredients and products from Brill. The logotype of the name is expressed in an italicized typeface that captures the vibrant and dynamic personality of the Brill brand.
Brand Strategy: Essence, Differentiator, Values, Character, Reasons to Believe, Benefits, and Target Insight
Business Cards
Promotional Notebook
Branded Launch Gift
Branded Announcement Cookies Cutters
Sales Sheet Template
Product Catalogs
Role: Creative Director, Designer
Software/Skills: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
Deliverables: Brand Identity, Visual Identity System, Sales & Marketing Materials, Business Cards, Website, Brand Video, Brand Launch Kit
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