Alston Construction: Brand Identity

Alston Construction (formerly known as Panattoni Construction) is a national firm who specializes in building and development. In 2013, the company decided to change their business name and therefore needed a new identity. They also needed a creative way to introduce this name change to their existing clients.
The Big Idea: To inform the current partners of the change, a mailer was sent to each client. These mailers included a wood torpedo level that was engraved with the new logo. The levels were placed behind red ribbon (similar to the opening of new building) and clients had to cut the ribbon to reveal the new logo.
DIRECT MAILER: To announce their corporate name change and new branding to the public, Alston sent mailers to each client and vendor. Each mailer included a wood torpedo level, which was engraved with the new logo.
CORPORATE IDENTITY: With the corporate name change, Alston needed to rebrand all their business cards and stationary.
CORPORATE BROCHURE: The new branding was incorporated into all printed materials, including the corporate brochure.
PRINT AD: The new branding was incorporated into all print ads to increase brand recognition and awareness with their target audience.
E-NEWSLETTER: Along with the new branding, Alston also began sending monthly e-newsletters to better communicate with their existing audience.
SOCIAL MEDIA: The new branding was also incorporated into Alston’s social media profiles.
Roles: Art Director, Copywriter, Designer
Software/Skills: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Production, Dreameaver
Deliverables: Packaging, Identity, Print Ads, Social Media, Banner Stands, Responsive Email Newsletters
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